XOXO 5th Avenue brings over 4,500 ladies together from over 160 countries! XOXO 5th Avenue Collab Program

XOXO 5th Avenue Affiliate Program XOXO 5th Avenue Collab Program XOXO 5th Avenue Review

XOXO 5th Avenue introduced a brand ambassador program back in 2015 that has grown to be the top ambassador program in the world. XOXO 5th Avenue now accounts for the top 1% website in the world that uses Shopify as their secure merchant. They compete with brands such as Tesla,  Kylie Jenner, Fashion Nova and more that also all use the popular merchant.

None the less, XOXO 5th Avenue made certain their ambassadors were able to join no matter what country they resided in as everything is done via the world wide web. From receiving huge discounts, to meeting over 4,000 ladies from a group meet up, their ambassador program deserves all its praise.

Most programs now a days send you items but the 'LOVE' ends there. There is no chatting, no mingling, no hanging out. XOXO 5th Avenue changes that. Being from NYC they recognized the importance of face to face interaction and allowing the ladies to meet each other no matter the city they were in! Now, the brand has ladies in their group from over 160 countries all chatting and mingling each and every day.

The ladies who join end up growing their pages by more than 500 followers each month. This is in addition to joining their fabulous ambassador program. One of the many perks of the program is gaining access to a private meet up group where ladies meet via the world wide web. There, they are able to follow each other and support each other, essentially gaining thousands of new friends overnight. The meet up is truly remarkable, but whats even better is you get to represent a NYC Fashion Brand! That comes with perks such as NYFW Events, Coffee Meet Ups, discounts on new collections and seasons and more.

Want to see what our ladies are saying? See their testimonials and reviews.

XOXO 5th Avenue Ambassador Review

xoxo 5th avenue ambassador program review

XOXO 5th Avenue Affiliate Review


XOXO 5th Avenue is a fashion brand founded in Manhattan by Millenials. Being in one of the most diverse cities in the world, they found themselves encountering fashion styles of all cultures and backgrounds on the same avenue, the world famous, 5th Avenue. 5th Avenue is the worlds fashion runway, hosting miles of high fashion boutiques and new dreams to run after in New York City. XOXO 5th Avenue captures the 5th Avenue elegance with a millenial twist on fashion. From trending clothes to classic styles, XOXO 5th Avenue has something for every woman no matter what city she makes her runway. Shop XOXO 5th Avenue online with FREE worldwide shipping on every order.

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