XOXO 5th Ave. Policies

Privacy Policy: We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact from you. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

RETURNS & EXCHANGES POLICY:  Because XOXO 5th Avenue offers you the latest trends at the best prices, our items are sold as FINAL SALE. There is no refunds or chargebacks allowed when ordering from XOXO.

XOXO 5th Avenue does not offer a refund policy. All sales are considered final. Please be aware of these terms upon checkout as there is absolutely no alterations to our refund policy due to the fast turn around time we package and ship your order, along with the value you are receiving your items at.

When purchasing from www.xoxo5thave.com, you accept these terms and conditions. 


Our Shipping is made easy for our customers. IT'S FREE! All orders will ship via USPS 1st class Mail within 1-7 Business Days of checking out, however, customers may wait additional team if the product is backordered or high volume of sales incur. Your order will be sent out within 1-10 Business Days and once sent, an email is sent to you letting you know they are on their way. All orders are tracked internally and received by the customer within 5-15 business days if the shipping address is within the USA. If you are outside of the USA, your shipment may take 5-40 days per USPS policies. Countries with a longer shipping time include India, Pakistan, any islands worldwide and remote locations.


THE SELLER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PACKAGES THAT SHOW: DELIVERED, STILL IN TRANSIT, UNDELIVERABLE ADDRESSES, SENT BACK AND/OR THE BUYER DOES NOT RECEIVE. WE SHIP TO THE ADDRESS CONFIRMED IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL. If the item is returned back, delivered or in transit according to USPS, your item will not be refunded nore may a chargeback be conducted. XOXO will not refund you if your package was lost after delivered. You must contact the carrier directly. Please contact the postal service as once the package is deemed deliverable, as our customer agreement is fulfilled and it is the responsibility of the buyer to find their package once in transit or delayed, lost, stolen, etc.

INTERNATIONAL Shipping is available on all store items. Due to the designs having to clear customs - we ask for all customers to please be patient during this time as once the design leaves our design showroom we cannot control the customs process. Your order may ship from various locations that our design houses are found (worldwide). However, keep in mind your shipping is FREE.

XOXO 5th Avenue is privately owned and operated by a NYC corporation. XOXO 5th Avenue owns and operates its own offices and manufacturers. Your item can ship from our shipping centers owned by the company in China, NYC, Florida or Europe. We do not use 3rd parties. All items are shipped from XOXO 5th Avenue owned offices in trademark pink packaging. Most online orders do ship from our Beijing Center.

Thank you for your patience.

Approximate Shipping Times:

Australia: 10 Business Days or less once shipped

UK, Europe and USA: 10-14 Business days once shipped

Canada: 10-15 Business days once shipped

Holiday Shipping: In the event there is a major Holiday within the month, packages may be delayed due to USPS as well as the volume of sales that will incurr during the Holidays. In this event, shipping may take additional time + USPS may be delayed. Please select express shipping if this wait will be an issue. If your package is late, we will NOT refund your order. Your order will be sent. USPS also encounters serious delays during the Holidays - we ask that you please be patient and make your order in time to receive your order.

INCORRECT ADDRESS:  Incase, you may have indicated the wrong shipping address on your order, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to make sure your order gets to the right address. In your e-mail please include your order #, and incorrect address, and please include the new address you would like us to ship your design to. This must be done before your order has been processed. You may email us at collab@xoxo5thave.com to update your address within 24 hours of placing your order.  XOXO 5th Avenue will not be held liable or replace or refund or provide store credit for shipping errors made at checkout by the buyer. If you do not request an address change within 24 hours, XOXO will not refund or replace if the package is not received by the buyer. 

Please keep in mind XOXO 5th Avenue is not liable or responsible for any misplacement, theft or delay or unpicked up items from the USPS. 

FOR ALL PACKAGES: THE SELLER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PACKAGES THAT SHOW DELIVERED, STILL IN TRANSIT, UNDELIVERABLE ADDRESSES, SENT BACK AND/OR THE BUYER DOES NOT RECEIVE. WE SHIP TO THE ADDRESS CONFIRMED IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL. The address you enter at checkout & we have confirmed with you via email. All packages are tracked via United States Postal Service with up to date tracking information daily after you waited your transit time.

Once USPS has the package, it is in transit, on its way or delivered, THE SELLER is not responsible for your package and if a chargeback is conducted in anyway, THE SELLER claims the customer responsible for the full retail value of the order, not a discounted rate or amount the customer actually paid for the product. But the actual retail amount found on the website will be charged to retrieve the senders cost back. Once USPS has your order, it is your responsibility to find your order and track it with them.

Lost, stolen or delayed packages should contact their local carriers.

USA/Canada: United States Postal Service (www.usps.com) 

International: Contact your local postal carrier with your tracking #

FASHION MONTH: Keep in mind, our offices will be closed from February 5th - February 25th for RUNWAY shows in NYC, London, Paris and Milano so your shipment could encounter a delay if purchased between these times. When we reopen on February 25th, your item will ship. XOXO closes every year during these times and no refunds or cancellations will be permitted. XOXO CLOSES FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY due to Fashion Month. No refunds, cancellations or chargebacks may be conducted during this time due to proper notice being posted via the website and to the customer via email.

AMBASSADOR PURCHASES / USING A DISCOUNT CODE:  There is NO refunds, exchanges or store credits available for purchases made with a discount code. Our return policy will only take place when an item is purchased from our website at a regular rate (no sale items or coupon codes may be used). All sales are FINAL SALE when using a discount code - even if there is a delay in shipping time. If a chargeback is conducted, XOXO 5th Avenue has the right to charge the full retail value of the order once USPS confirms delivery to your shipping address. If you used a discount code and purchased clothing, XOXO may send you 1 size up or down if your exact order is currently out of stock. This will only occur if we have the item in stock and available in a size that is similar. No refunds will be permitted on these - it will be an automatic exchange /final sale.


AMBASSADOR CODES: All ambassadors/affilates will be provided a coupon code for their friends, family, followers, etc. to use. This code will be active for 90 days from the date you placed your order. If you would like to extend your code we will be happy to do so. Please email collab@xoxo5thave.com to reactivate your coupon code.

PACKAGING/DAMAGED COLLECTION ITEMS:  At XOXO 5th Avenue we strive to provide excellent packaging so that your collection arrives safely. During the shipment process we can not guarantee that damages will not occur. Damages should not occur due to safe packaging, however, if you ever receive your design broken or damaged, we will happily exchange the item(s) for no charge. In addition, only this time XOXO 5th Avenue will pay for the return shipping cost (via the United States Parcel Service -Flate rate shipping). Damaged items must be unworn and repacked in the original packaging. Please email us immediately with your order number, item description, a description of the damage, along with a photo to shipping@xoxo5thave.com and we will be happy to replace it or find you another design you like! Please note this will only apply if we receive an e-mail within 24 hours of order delivered to your address. 

The above policy will only apply as a one time rule, designs are well packaged and inspected to ensure safe delivery. XOXO 5th Avenue will only exchange a damaged item one time. We will not consistently send replacements for damaged items.

Thank you for shopping with us at XOXO 5th Avenue, we are glad to have you as a customer. Please email us for any further questions or assistance, and we will be happy to assist you.  

Talk soon,

xoxo, from 5th Avenue




I agree that I will provide XOXO 5TH AVENUE with pictures of my items and post at minimum1 photo on my social media platforms. I agree to tag @XOXO 5TH AVENUE in the post and create the post within 14 days of receiving the sunglasses. I give XOXO 5TH AVENUE full permission to repost any of my photos featuring XOXO 5TH AVENUE designs as well as they may use on their marketing materials that may include website, marketing brochures and more. I understand there is no returns on my affiliate collection piece or return 'value'. I understand that I will not receive a store credit or refund for my purchase if I am dissatisfied. I understand the coupon code I am provided with is good for 10% OFF sitewide atXOXO 5TH AVENUE (www.xoxo5thave.com) and may be used on my (the affiliates) social media outlets to advertise and offer exclusive discounts to my friends and followers. I understand when filling out this form the item I receive will have no value as I am receiving an exclusive affiliate deal through XOXO 5TH AVENUE and receiving this gift as a gift. The value on the custom forms may be $1 or less since XOXO 5th Avenue will essentially pay for your gift. I UNDERSTAND I CAN NOT GET A REFUND OR CONDUCT A CHARGEBACK WHEN USING A DISCOUNT OR COUPON CODE ON A PRODUCT FROM XOXO.